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Quality policy

Safecon Lifesciences

Safecon Lifesciences strives to be the leading organization in the field of veterinary medicine in India & abroad. Our continuous maintenance and improvement of scientific research realized the goal for maintaining the status over all.

Quality policy of our company implemented through the following principles:

  • Respecting the ethical codex & professional approach to work.
  • Maintaining partnership with customers and Constant communication.
  • Continuous improvement of developing, using and testing methods new methods and technologies.
  • Extending the scope of accreditation by accuracy of the results.
  • Use of consumables and equipment with defined quality and rational use of resources.
  • Maintain high quality confidentiality towards the information gathered and the results of the customer.
  • With the help of continuous training, we improve the competence of employees.
  • Team work, sharing the knowledge and opportunity for affirmation of every employee.
  • Maintaining the determination for quality at all levels on Safecon Lifesciences.


All employees of Safecon Lifesciences are responsible for realization of this quality policy.