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Amprosafe Powder


Each kg of soluble powder contains
Amprolium HCl – 200 gm
Vitamin K 3 – 2 gm
Excipients – q.s.


Amprolium is an anti-coccidial drug with activity against Eimeria tenella, E. necatrix and E. acervulina. Amprolium acts by interfering with Thiamin metabolism in the parasite. Vitamin K3 stimulates the formation of blood clotting factors and prevents intestinal bleeding due to coccidial infections.


Amprosafe powder is indicated for prevention and treatment of coccidiosis in poultry and bacterial infections in poultry, lambs, young goats and calves.


For oral administration via feed or drinking water.
Prevention: 30 gm in 50 litres of drinking water during 3 – 4 days
For Mild infection: 30 gm in 25 litres of drinking water during 3 – 4 days
For severe outbreaks 60 gm in 50 litres of water
Mixed with feed, the product should be used immediately. Medicated drinking water should be used within 24 hours.

Withdrawal Period

Meat: 7 days
Eggs: 4 days

Storage & Warning

Keep closed in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight and safe from children.


Available in 200gm/500gm/1 kg pack sizes.


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