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Divided Release Technology


Orange part:

  • Conditioning of Rumen due to microbial growth
  • Formation of Energy in form of VFA
  • Maintain the Rumen Ph.
  • Formation of High Quality protein

Green part:

  • Essential Amino Acids
  • Multivitamins A, D3, E & H
  • Multiminerals
  • Rumen Bypass Fat

Three Major Problems in productive animals:

  • Low Milk Production
  • Udder Development
  • Not Let Down of Milk

Solution by Divided Release Technology:

  • Helps in production of Milk
  • Helps in Udder Development
  • Helps in Let Down of Milk

What is Divided Release Technology?

Our invention is a veterinary product with the name, “Divided Release Bolus”. It is nutrition product intented particularly for the prevention and treatement of “Anorexia”(i.e very serious condition in animals refusing to eat, leading to drastic weight loss, which could ultimately prove fatal) and to correct Ruminal disturbances(majorly stomach Problems) in ruminant animals ( such as cattle, sheep, goat, buffalo, camel, etc).

About the product:

The product is in the form of bolus comprising of two layers compressed on different pressure comprising of  Two different Matrixes of Mixtures of nutritional supplement consisting of Yeasts mixtures, Calcium Chlorides, Rumen Buffers, Vitamins and Minerals. One Layer consist of effervescent mixture which improves and conditions the Ph and increases Rumen Microbial Population Advantageously Improves Rumen conditions. Second Layer contains nutrients which contains minerals and vitamins which has to passed through Rumen. Second Layer all nutrients are made able to bypass Rumen by special technology which is In-house and effective. The mesh size of all nutrients is kept at optimum size to enable better absorption.

Bi Layer Divided Release Bolus:

Bi Layer Bolus offers both immediate and time release features in a single bolus.

This innovative, Industry First, Bi Layer Bolus release 1/3rd  of it’s ingredients upon dissolution in the rumen to quickly provide the body with bolus while remainder is consistently released every hour for the next 24 hours to maintain plasma bolus levels until the next daily dose. This leads to optional observation of Minerals & other ingredients.

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