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Supplements nutritional requirements, dietary electrolyte balance (DEB), and their effects on acid-base balance, litter moisture

  • Supplementation in diet or drinking water is reported to reduce the effects of high environmental temperature.
  • Maintain the water and electrolyte balance through increasing water intake.
  • Reduces Stress.
  • Facilitates the proper carbohydrate metabolism. The decient birds show anorexia, loss of weight, rufed feathers,
    dropping of wings and paralysis of muscles.
  • Has an anti-inflammatory & expectorant,Laxative.
  • Has diuretic, tonic, anti-pyretic, and blood purier agent.
  • Acts as an antimicrobial and antioxidant agent.
  • Improves their nutritive value, boost animal performance by increasing their growth rate, better feed conversion
    efficiency, greater livability and lowered mortality.
  • Ensures diuretic and urinary antiseptic activity.
  • Is an antibiotic and boosts up growth performance and immune responses.
  • Takes care of nervous system, blood clotting and muscle contraction.
  • Ensures Fat metabolism of the liver.
  • Formation of acetylcholine (essential).

Dosage & Administration

5-10 ml/100 birds for 5 days for prevention & treatment of gout or as directed by Veterinarian.


Each 100ml contains
Each 1 litre contains extract of
Ascorbic acid – 2%
Sodium Chloride – 5%
Potassium Chloride – 5%
Thiamine – 1%
Boehaavia diffusa – 5%
Hemidesmus indicus – 5%
Curcuma Longa – 10%
Azardirachata indi – 10%
Asperagus racemosus – 5%
Crataeva nurvala – 10%
Tribilus terrestris – 10%
Calcium leatum – 10%
Choline Choride – 5%

Pack & Packaging – 1 Litre Plastic Container

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