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Livfit Tonic

Livfit Tonic is a polyherbal formulation, contains extract of herbal ingredients that effectively improve liver functions thus ensuring better feed utilization, improved productivity, repair of damaged Liver cells and stimulation of nucleic acid synthesis.
Liver is a vital organ involved in metabolism, storage, secretion, detoxification and protection. Being the central organ of metabolism, liver is always subjected to damages of various kinds. Liver stimulants and protectants are usually supplemented to support liver in detoxification and to improve the structural and functional integrity of liver cells.


Livfit Tonic is an ideal hepatoprotective & hepatoregenerative herbal liver conditioner. It guards the liver against various toxins, chemical drugs and toxic effect of the feed contaminants & numerous other conditions where the liver is directly or indirectly at risk.
It helps in rapid regeneration of liver tissues and cells.
It stimulates sluggish liver parenchyma cells and restores liver functions.
It improves feed metabolism and its utilization, which results in better feed conversion, growth and productivity.


To enhance growth, weight gain, FCR & livability.
To enhance liver metabolism & reduce ill effects of aflatoxins, pesticides, antibiotic, etc.
To maintain proper feed intake, digestion, absorption of nutrients.


Chicks 5-10 ml/100 Birds/Day
Growers 7.5-15 ml/100 Birds/Day
Layers 10 – 20 ml/100 Birds/Day
Broiler Starter 5 – 10 ml/100 Birds/Day
Broiler Finisher 10 – 20 ml/100 Birds / Day
Calf, Sheep, Goat & Dog
5ml-10ml per head per day for 7-10 days.
20 ml daily per head for 10 days

Storage & Warning

Keep closed in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight and safe from children.


Available in 1000ml pack size.


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