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Eucalyptus Oil: has an anti-inammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activities. Orally administrated of eucalyptus oils is used to alleviative cough, throat inflammation & bronchial cold. The active component, Cineol helps limiting certain inammatory mediators, thus controls the pathogens of respiratory tract.
Improves thermal comfort birds & immune responses.


  • Prevents & reduces the number of Eimeria spp. which cause coccidiosis in chickens.
  • Acts as an antiviral will boosts up the immunity & benets against Newcastle disease in chickens.
  • Mint helps to repel mice and bugs and also has a calming effect on laying hens.
  • Mint naturally lowers body temperatures, which can be helpful in keeping flock cool in the summer.
  • Results of several related study revealed the (FCR) feed conversion rate significantly improved.
  • Peppermint treatments positively increased plasma total protein, total cholesterol, globulin and affect liver enzymes.
  • Peppermint extracts tends to increase counts of lactobacilli and decrease common pathogenic bacteria of small intestine and enhanced the activity of stomach protease and ileal amylase and protease.
  • Improves over all performance.


  • Anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator.
  • Protects from infectious respiratory problems.
  • Produces a cooling sensation.
  • Produces a cooling effect by blocking the calcium current along the nerves responsible for detecting temperature.

Vitamin E

  • Growth and reproduction.
  • It helps to maintain the structural tissue integrity.
  • It supports development of the nervous system and contributes to disease resistance.

Dosage & Administration

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Positive effects on Growth performance.

Presentation – 100 ML Suspension

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