Each bolus contains

Fenbendazole 3 gm

Ivermectin 100 mg


Safenda plus Bolus is anti-parasitic formulation which is indicated to be used for treatment of intestinal worms, abomasal nematodes, & tapeworms. It belongs to drug class of benzimidazole anthelmintic and gets metabolized in liver. This medicine is highly effective for cattle, horse, camel, dogs, and goat. It is highly appreciated for showing excellent protein binding ability of about 93% with elimination half life of 18 hours. Offered Fenbendazole & Ivermectin, Safenda plus Bolus also shows good effectiveness against some mites and lice without any adverse health effects.


  • Highly effective against small and large intestinal worms, caecal & abomasal nematodes also. Effective against lung and tape worms. 85% efficacy against liver flukes.
  • Broad spectrum anthelmintic having both larvicdal & Ovicidal activities.


Each pack contain 1 boli

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