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Each ml contains

Oxyclozanide 6% v/v

Levamisole 3% v/v

SAFEOZIDE – DS SUSPENSION (Oxyclozanide Levamisole Bolus Veterinary) is a latest therapy for deworming of Animals.  SAFEOZIDE – DS SUSPENSION is used for DEWORMING OF ANIMAL SAFEOZIDE DS SUSPENSION is safest dewormer. We are manufacturer, trader & supplier of these in VETERINARY MEDICINES with the name of SAFEOZIDE -DS SUSPENSION


It is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic containing Levamisole and Oxyclozanide for thecontrol of nematode infestations and chronic fascioliasis in cattle and buffaloes.

Oxyclozanide removes practically all flukes (Fasciola spp) present in the bile ducts.

Levamisole removes mature and developing immature stages of a wide range of nematodes.




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